Happy New Year From The Philippines

Celebrating New Year on the beach is one of the most awesome things you can experience. But not just on any beach or in any country! It has to be on a beach where the climate is warm and nice and not a beach with snow on lol. I love beaches, and the beaches in the Philippines are among the best and most beautiful in the world. I'm dreaming of a white sand beach...and not a white Christmas haha. The Philippines has thousands of beaches with white sand and warm ocean water. Make an online search and find the right beach resorts for your family vacation and dream journey to the Philippines. I will gather the best travel links on this blog in 2018. Happy New Year. Please visit my travel blog again soon.

Best Beaches in the World is in the Philippines

The best beaches in the world are to be found in the Philippines! This south east asian country boost of thousands of white sand breaches that most people can only dream about. It is absolute awesome to travel through the Philippines, seeing all these beautiful natural dream beaches with clear ocean water and friendly people. The Filipinos are among the most friendly people in the world and you will surely love it. The Philippines is still a very new beach vacation destination compared to other Asian countries, but more and more people are seeing what the Philippines has to offer is unlike any other place. There are so many things to do in the Philippines. The journey options are limited and it is rather cheap to visit the Philippines and there are many budget hotels. There are off course also the expensive five star hotels and resorts that can be pretty expensive. But please follow my blog and I will show you were to go!

Philippines Paradise

Ever felt being a place you never wanted to leave? Well I have and that place is the Philippines. The Philippines is a complicated place, on one hand it is paradise with its beautiful white sand virgin beaches, mountains, resorts, the climate etc. But on the other hand is a country in deeb poverty with millions of poor people and natural disasters happening every year. But still the beauty of the Philippines overshadows the bad things. All country has a dark side, all nations has their problems, so it is with the Philippines. And with that said the Philippines is one of the best countries to travel to. They have long dry periods without much rain and English is among the first languages. So everyone can understand you. If you love adventures, beaches, city life, the Philippines has it all. Manila is a city that has it all! Some of the best restaurants in the world are there and amazing hotels with awesome resorts. There are so many good beach resorts that you just have to pick. In thi…